Latest Rewritable Card Terminal-RITA-.Erase,Scan,Print.RITA DOES IT ALL!Latest Rewritable Card Terminal"RITA"

New concept - Rewritable barcode

RITA eliminates the need for a magnetic stripe or IC chip for data storage. By printing thermally-imaged rewritable barcodes, RITA expands the possibilities of thermal rewritable card applications.


High quality printing and erasing

It was once thought that practical applications using rewritable barcodes would never be realized. With our patent-pending technologies, RITA makes rewritable barcodes possible by improving printing and erasing performance on thermal rewritable cards.




Highly affordable

By eliminating the magnetic stripe head or IC chip reader , RITA makes thermal rewritable card terminals highly affordable, minimizing your initial investment. Running cost is also improved by utilizing rewritable cards without any magnetic layer or IC chip.

Compact design

RITA’s small footprint gives you many choices for operating locations, particularly around POS equipment where space is limited. RITA fits where you need it to.

  On-demand front panel (Optional)

Need a customized appearance on your RITA terminal? RITA terminals are available with a variety of front panel designs.


■ Example of front panel design (image)


Application examples - The possibilities are limitless!

RITA sustains interaction between card issuers and card holders creating active and long-lasting relationships for higher customer satisfaction.

By scanning thermally-imaged 2D codes on cards, consumers can have access to special offers. With supporting databases, consumers can receive customized promotions.

Card-sized coupons can be printed and distributed to consumers in surrounding territory. Coupon usage captures valuable information for market analysis.

Environmentally friendly, reusable “Take a number” tags shows your commitment to sustainability.

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